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Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogger Changes

WOW, has Blogger changed! 

I hadn't posted anything to any of my Blogger blogs since last year.  That's when Google deactivated my AdSense advertising, though they never stated why.  I know why, I had been showing Google Ads for about a year and I was probably approaching the hundred dollar mark in earned commissions for displaying their advertising, where they would actually have to send me a check.

But just like last time, they wiped out my account, refusing to pay me a dime for publishing their ads on my blogs and such.  Heck, I'm not posting their competing ads on my real websites, those are business sites.  I'm not about to invite anyone to do business elsewhere, that's just stupid.  Unfortunately, that's what they want, they want to post Google AdWords on my business websites.  If I just post them on my blogs where I'm having a bit of fun and sharing stuff with the world, they get all upset and ban me from AdSense.

Its ridiculous, and Google does this exact same kind of bullying all the time.  I administrate several Google Groups, but I am looking for a new home for them because Google refuses to develop the platform and allow me any ability to administrate the groups easily, always giving the Google Groups a lower priority than any other Google operation so that things take forever to work and administration of any one group is the daunting chore from hell.

I really believed in Google at one time, primarily because they treated people better, much better than bullying them around like Microsoft used to do all the time to smaller businesses (it was there way or the highway).  Google has become a clone of the 80's/90's version of Microsoft.

It's really a shame, too.  I have an Android phone and everything Google does is all tied together in a huge F'n knot.  You can't get away from Google no matter how much you want to, no matter how hard you try.  The result is that Big Brother from 1984 that we were all afraid of, always screw'n with us, no matter how right we are, always taking advantage of us, taking things out of context and wagging it's spiney index finger at us.

Heck, I came here and logged in to take off the AdSense crap and now I don't know where to customize the blog design because they "improved it?"  It's not an improvement if it is less useable by the humans that use it, Google.