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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Google now only does evil?

With all the fuss over how badly the NSA is data mining us (our searches, social posts, sharings, photos, videos, email and even our phone conversations are now being compiled into archives (no matter how private you have marked them), just in case the government might need to investigate us later... as long as the data doesn't trip any flags and alarm when it's sent through the filters as it is stored.

Of course,  there are all sorts of ways to trip the filters with keywords, yes... but also code words, which a terrorist might use when communicating with cells, etc. And you can believe that these code words are the normal kind that we use every day, and are surely non-threatening, designed so that they won't trip the filters and set off alarms. 

Of course, the government spies on all this crap and some is found - out one way or another and then what will happen?  Americans rounded - up for mentioning that they bought a new 'stove'?

And of course, Google is so closely tied - in with homeland security that they just hand this data over.  Did you know that?  Yup, my understanding of it is, is that they share everything, private or not, as a default, with no legal request of any kind required.  They don't even have to tap your phone, they simply record it all in case they need it, later.

So, as Google cannot and will not stand against the government pressure to violate our rights to privacy, it just hands everything over.  And the NSA just keeps building facilities to store all the data it mines.

This is pure evil, started by Bush and continued by Obama, so also very bipartisan.  But Google doesn't even stand against it or protect our rights to privacy 1  bit. 


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