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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Need to Squirrel Away a Contact's Info in your Droid Quickly and Easily?

Like to Collect Business Cards Like I Do?

Wouldn't it be just great if everyone had electronic business cards you can simply feed into your phone?  Actually, smartphones do have those, but usually business men simply carry business cards.  How low tech, right?  Well, just turn that paper copy into an contact entry in your Android based smartphone!

I downloaded and wound-up purchasing "CamCard (Western)" (since I'm not an Asian).  I've also seen it called "CamCard - BCR (Western)". The BCR stands for Business Card Reader.

It is an awesome app because it uses character recognition technology (aka: OCR) to grab all the info from a business card.  You can then save the card and all the info into your contacts.  It works well and requires minimal corrections (usually any errors are the cause of fancy fonts & italics) and it trims the card down nicely if you put it on a high contrast surface and corrects perspective and all, and then saves the image and all the contact info.  It even will straighten out the card edges.  It really works great with my DroidX.

This was a Chinese developed app and only cost $6.99.  If that's too heavy duty for ya, there is a free version that scans in 8 cards initially and then will allow 2 more business card scans per week.  I do assure you that the app is all in good English and is easy to read (as if dome by an Englishman), though.  And of course, there is a Chinese & Eastern version.

There are actually a few versions...

And of course, you can find it in the Android market place.

You do realize that we have it made in the Android market because professional applications are still reasonable, right?  This is truly a good buy and well worth the price.  It has saved me considerable time staying connected and allows me to show-off my DroidX and make others drool.  ;)

I'll be checking out their document scanner, "CamScanner" as well, soon.  

See Ya!

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